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1504 E. Cedar Street
Ontario, CA. 91761
Phone: 909.930.1999
Fax: 909.930.1948

Serving all your Plastic Manufacturing Needs Since 1972..

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Plastic Vacuum Forming

Aka Plastics, Inc. custom plastic vacuum forming services specialize in fabricating both large and small volumes of thick gauge (.030" to .375") parts measuring up to 8' x 4'.
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CNC Plastic Routing

Akra Plastics offers precision CNC plastic routing and shaping to fabricate custom components for customers across a spectrum of industries and applications.
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Plastic Injection Molding

Akra Plastics is a team of seasoned professionals that will provide you with plastic injection molding products and services that can meet the most stringent requirements for quality.
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Engineering Services

Akra Plastics is your one stop shop for all design and engineering requirements. Our Operations utilize the latest technology, along with 3D CAD CAM capabilities.
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About Us

Akra Plastic Products, Inc. truly is your one stop custom forming and assembly shop.
We provide a full range of secondary operations and assembly.

Injection Moulding
Vacuum Forming
Pressure Forming
Drape and Oven Forming
CNC Routing
Engineering Services
About Us