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Injection Molding Services

Plastic Injection Molding

Akra Plastics is a team of seasoned professionals that will provide you with plastic injection molding products and services that can meet the most stringent requirements for quality.
With the ability to fabricate parts from a large range of materials, including ABS, DelrinŽ, and moly filled nylon, we are able to hold to very tight, .002" tolerances for your high-precision plastic part needs. We provide RTIs (rapid tooling inserts), which permits faster turnaround of prototype and short production run projects.

* Molding parts from 1 gram to 7 lbs.
* SLA, SLN, and Machined Prototypes.
* Short and Long run production.
* Controlled injection molding machines.
* Clean-Room plastic Injection Molding.
* Process Validation CPK Analysis.

* Experience in Difficult to Mold Parts.
* Statistical Process Control.
* In-House Mold, Tool and Die Shop.
* Project Management Capabilities.
* Commodity & Engineering Resins.
* Structural Plastic Injection Molding.

Our modern, automated Ontario California facility enables us to run plastic injection molding services to speed production runs to meet the most demanding schedules. We have expertise serving many industries, including recreational vehicle and other transportation industries, as well as electronic, medical and general industrial. Additional services we provide include sub-assembly operations as well as engineering support, among others.

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