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CNC Plastic Routing Services

CNC Routing Akra Plastics offers precision CNC plastic routing and shaping to fabricate custom components for customers across a spectrum of industries and applications. Our state-of-the-art equipment features 3 and 5 axes, CNC control, CAM programming, and automatic tool changers.

Some applications for 5-axis plastic routing are:
✓Trimming and routing vacuum and pressure-formed parts
✓Post-bend trimming of heat or cold-bent parts
✓Routing cylinders or tubing

Quickest feed rates and programming capabilities possible
✓Consistency of the finished part
✓Precision quality and on-time delivery
✓High quality edge finish
✓State-of-the-art CNC plastic routing technologies
✓Tight tolerance CNC plastic routing equipment

Markets served by CNC Plastics Routing
✓OEM manufacturers
✓Recreational vehicles
✓Utility vehicles
✓Retail display manufacturers
✓Store fixture manufacturers
✓Commercial printers
✓Graphics companies
✓Sign manufacturing companies

Other Akra Plastics Cutting Services: Plastics Routing vs. Die Cutting vs. Dieless Cutting
Akra Plastics has been cutting plastic and other flexible materials for years, including industrial CNC plastics routing, die cutting and dieless knife cutting. Akra Plastics Professionals will work with you to determine which process is the best fit to produce your design and which process is the most cost effective for you.