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5 Axis CNC RouterAkra Plastics has been using 5-axis CNC trimming for over 15 years. Akra uses a variety of 5-axis routers with capacities up to 120 inches long, 60 inches wide and a depth of 36 inches. Our 5-axis routers, with their multiple-axis robotic heads, can trim and route parts that are deep, or have multiple surfaces and angles, such as vacuum or pressure formed parts. In addition, we use split-beds on our routers to allow for improved efficiency in loading and unloading of smaller parts during the routing process. We can load or unload one part while another is being routed.

Typical applications on CNC routers are:
✓ Trimming and routing vacuum and pressure-formed parts.
✓ Trimming bent and draped formed parts.
✓ Flat sheet.
✓ Cutting molds and patterns.
✓ Post-fabrication of assemblies and subassemblies.

CNC Router Benefits:
Precision – We’ve built a reputation for exceeding industry-standard tolerances, and our 5-axis trimming capabilities are a key part of how we’ve been able to do that. CNC trimming lets us deliver precise, repeatable results on every part that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Speed – Some of us may slow down around 2:00 after a particularly heavy lunch. CNC’s don’t. In fact, they don’t slow down for anything. The speed and reliability of our CNC trimming lets us deliver more parts per hour than other trimming methods.